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About Us

  • Would you like to learn to kayak (one shaft with a paddle at each end) or canoe (one shaft with one paddle at the end)?

  • Are you interested in competitive paddle sports?

  • Do you want to be an active member of sports club?

Paddling at Shepperton is enjoyable, relaxing, fulfiling and hard work – all at the same time.

As a racing club that paddles throughout the year and in ALL weathers we are looking to encourage people of all ages who are keen to take up kayaking and canoeing – ideally to compete in races at whatever level (and there are competitions for all abilities) – and are looking to become involved in the activities and running of the club.

Below you will find details about equipment required, membership, coaching and other FAQs.


Saturdays at 10.30 for beginners with Sean (Spring, Summer and Autumn only)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 18.30 by invitation.

After school courses in the summer by arrangement.

There may only be one coach and some self-coaching expected.

Some sessions will not run if most paddlers are at events or there is a club event elsewhere.

Please be ready to go on the water at the session start time.

£5 clubhouse fee for non-members and equipment available to borrow.

So come and join in the fun.


What you’ll need

Firstly, you must be able to swim at least 100 metres fully clothed.

It is important you wear the correct clothing when you come paddling. What you wear should not saturate with water if you fall in. If you do not have gear designed for water sports we recommend the following, depending on the conditions:

  • Pair of old trainers or plimsolls (You may well be standing in the river – your feet will get wet)

  • Tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts – Jeans or similar are not appropriate

  • T-shirt, sweatshirt, thermal top

  • Cagoule or a thin water proof and windproof top

  • Towel

  • You will get wet so you should have a change of clothes to put on after the session


You should also advise your coach of any medical conditions.


About Shepperton Slalom Canoe Club

We do not rent out canoes or kayaks. We are a club made up of members but are always looking for new ones and so provide coach led groups for people who have never paddled before. We are entirely non-commercial and “staffed” entirely by enthusiastic unpaid volunteers.

We supply the kit, you supply the paddler. The club is able to provide a limited number of boats, paddles and buoyancy aids so come along and try it out before you invest. There are plenty of club members who can advise, or may have kit they want to sell.

Shepperton Slalom Canoe Club is a competitive club, while not all of our members actively race – nor do we insist on it – you will be encouraged to race at some level.


Coaching Structure

Moving beyond the Beginner’s Group, a coaching structure will progress you through different levels to develop technique, fitness, waterman ship, strategy and other skills.

Coach led groups take precedence over other activities when it comes to the use of club boats.

Safety is Paramount

Your safety and the safety of others is paramount. Membership of the club does not entitle you to take out boats if and when you feel like it. Until the coach has cleared you to paddle independently you may not be on the water in any boat that is stored at the club unless you are with a club member who has been approved by the club coaches to supervise other paddlers.

When you are on the water under the supervision of another paddler, you are expected to obey the instructions they give. They have the right to end any session.

Membership does not entitle you to supervise other paddlers on the water, only a club coach can decide that you have the ability to do this.

Water conditions at Shepperton can vary because of the water volume coming over the weir; your ability to paddle a boat in good conditions does not translate into an ability to paddle in all conditions. In winter we have conditions when even the most experienced paddlers choose not to go out on the water. You are advised to check with others if you are uncertain.

Any questions, please drop us an email.

Happy Paddling.

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