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We are proud to have been awarded Talent Club Champion status. The programme is available to any British Canoeing affiliated club in England and has been designed to help clubs in developing their provision for talented members. The programme provides a club diagnostic tool which enables the club to identify strengths and areas for improvement in developing talented paddlers, aswell as provide opportunities to develop learning through the resource section which seeks to share good practice and provide relavant information to support learning.
Congratulations to Our Head Coach Gordon Walling winning the  Outstanding Coach Award in the recent British Canoeing nominations.
Over 20 years Gordon has used a wealth of experience and depth of knowledge to progress many paddlers from novice to compete in all slalom divisions. His coaching is always supportive but seems to have the magic touch in knowing when to push and when to hold back.He coaches each paddler by being mindful of their particular strengths and weaknesses. 
His work has been recognised by the club being awarded Talent Club Champion status earlier in the year due to his work in encouraging  paddlers.
Gordon is extremely generous with his time and support not only to his own club members but also visiting competitors for our events. 
A well deserved award
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